Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anarchists Against the Wall: A Book Review

(unlike most of the rest of this blog, this is not an article about history; it is a book review.  Please excuse the aberration and enjoy the book review.)

Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli group that maintains active solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, recently published a collection of writing and speeches.  I was only somewhat aware of who AAtW were or the history of the group, and while this book is certainly not a comprehensive history, it serves as a fantastic introduction to AAtW and their work.  All of the writers are, or have been actively involved in activism in solidarity with Palestinians and their fight against occupation and apartheid, and the book offers a concise, but wide array of their thoughts and discussions of their experiences.  In addition to statements of principles and laying out of arguments in reprinted speeches, sentencing statements, and essays, the book also offers discussion of dealing with emotional self-care, talking to family, and a number of other topics relating to the life of activists involved in this sort of intense work.   

The book is by turns informative, inspiring, and incredibly moving; I found myself crying while reading it more than once.  It is the kind of book that fires you up for action, and simultaneously discusses strategies for doing so.  I emphatically recommend that anyone with an interest in the subject read it. 

Anarchists Against the Wall is available through AK Press, both as a book and an e-book.  It is edited by Uri Gordon and Ohal Grietzer, with a preface by Alfredo Bonanno

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  1. now awaiting books arrival, just wanted to thank you. never knew about the site you buy it from. found a perfect gift for someone on there.